"Thinking Of A Place"
It was back in Little Bend that I saw you
Light was changing on the water
Where birds above it flown
There was pain in your eyes
So you vanished in the night
Missouri River in the distance
So I lied upon the lawn

I remember walking against the darkness of the beach
Love is like a ghost in the distance, ever-reached
Travel through the night because there is no fear
Alone but right behind until I watched you disappear

I'm moving through the dark
Of a long black night
Just moving with the moon
And the light it shines
And I'm thinking of a place
And it feels so very real
Just moving through the dark

Once I had a dream I was falling from the sky
Coming down like running water
Passing by myself alight
In the morning, I would wake to the sound of summer falls
Like little whispers through the signs

I'm moving through the dark
Of a long black night
And I'm looking at the moon
And the light it shines
But I'm thinking of a place
And it feels so very real
Oh, it was so full of love!

Come and take my hand, babe
There's a turn in the road that we've been taking
But it'll set you free
Because there's a rhythm in the way that we've been moving
Yeah, there's a darkness over there, but we ain't going

See it through through my eyes
Walk me to the water
Hold my hand and something turns to me
Love me every night
Drown me in the water
Hold my hand and there's something turning me
See it through my eyes
Love me like no other
And hold my hand and something turns to me
And turns me into you

Lead me through the light
Pull me from the water
Hold my hand and something turns to me
Turns me into you
Just see it through my eyes
Love me like no there
Hold my hand and something turns to me
Turns me into you
Turn to me
Into you

Neil Young – Harvest Moon / Harvest Moon / 1992
Mojave 3 – Love Songs on the Radio / Ask Me Tomorrow / 1995

IRON & WINE Essential Songs

Gistro FM 600

Yo La Tengo – My Little Corner of the World / I Can Hear Heart Beating as One / 1997
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Far From Me / The Boatman’s Call / 1997

Lift to Experience – Waiting to Hit / Texas Jerusalem Crossroads / 2001
Wilco – I Am Trying to Break Your Heart / Yankee Hotel Foxtrot / 2002
Josh Rouse – Love Vibration / 1972 / 2003
David Kilgour – Living in Space / Frozen Orange / 2004

Sufjan Stevens – Chicago / Illinois / 2005
Yo La Tengo – The Story of Yo La Tengo / I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass / 2006 
Bill Wells Trio – Presentation Piece #1 / Also in White / 2002
Panda Bear – Comfy in Nautica / Person Pitch / 2007 !!!!!!

Portishead – We Carry On / Third / 2008
Deerhunter – Helicopter / Halcyon Digest / 2010
Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti – Round and Round / Before Today / 2010
Yo La Tengo – If it’s True / Popular Songs / 2009 !!!!!!!!!!!SUPER!!!!!!!
Brent Cash – It’s Easier Without Her / How Strange it Seems / 2011 - divno

Paul Buchanan – After Dark / Mid Air / 2012 - nežno - klavir
My Bloody Valentine – New You / mbv / 2013
The War on Drugs – Under the Pressure / Lost in the Dream / 2014
Jim O’Rourke – Friends with Benefits / Simple Songs / 2015
Michael Kiwanuka – Love & Hate / Love & Hate / 2016

pesme o ljubavi u Prešlicavanju 

koju je David Bowie snimio - It's Gonna Be Me

K.D. Lang - Love For Sale iz filma "Black Dahlia",
(to je bio cheesy momenat emisije)


Conor Oberst - Time Forgot
Crybaby - I Cherish The Heartbreak More Than The Love That I Lost
The Divine Comedy - Make It Easy On Yourself
Bon Iver - I Can't Make You Love Me / Nick of Time
wilco - you and i

Here I Am - Adam Green & Binki Shapiro
Zbogom B92 & Hvala za sve
James - Walk Like You
Conor Oberst - Double Life 
Morrissey - The more you ignore me, the closer I get
Morrissey - Let me kiss you
Coldplay - Magic
Coldplay - Fix you

Ed Sheeren - Small Bump
Interlude - Morrissey and Siouxie
The Smiths - There is a Light That
Are You The One I've Been Waiting For? - Nick Cave
The Shins - Simple Song
Suede - The 2 Of Us 

Suede - What Are You Not Telling Me?
Famous Blue Raincoat
Johnny Cash -  Hurt
Devendra Bahart - Mala
Andrew belle - In my way

..... TOP 13 ..... najdirljivije .....
Villagers - The Soul serene
Rundek Don Huan
The Mothership Orchestra - Whe the Sun Wants to Show (Something You Don't Know)
The Mothership Orchestra - Come Home
The Mothership Orchestra - Then She Kissed Him
The Mothership Orchestra - You'r Amazing
Ničim izazvan - O tebi
The Mothership Orchestra - Before I Go
The Mothership Orchestra - Dare You
London Grammar  - If You Wait
London Grammar - Maybe
Norah Jones - Turn me on
Hurts - Only you
James - Moving On
Hurts - Unspoken

još jedna noć...(sa prešlicavanja: Noćna lista)

Ben Howard - I Forget Where we were
početi ponovo - film sa Keirom Knightley i Mark Ruffalo 
Villagers - Hot Scary Summer 

Kristina Train - Dark Black
Hurts - Guilt
Ben Howard - Rivers in Your Mouth
J.J Cale - Sensitive Kind

najbolje iz prvih tričetvrt ove godine: So There - Ben Folds & 

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